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Western Pennsylvania National Wild Animal Orphanage is truly appreciative of any and all donations you can make. Head over to our donations page for more details about how to get your donation to us. 100% of all your donations go to benefit the animals and are never used to pay the employees. Donations are also tax deductible.


We accept meat donations such as venison, chicken, and beef. If you'd like to help out in other ways, we accept volunteers when the need arises and throw fundraisers from time to time.

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How are the donations used?

100% of your donations go toward the care and preservation of our animals.


In addition to providing food and electricity to our current inhabitants, we're at a point where it's critically important to continue expanding our facilities. We need to ensure our current animals are properly cared for, and that we'll have room to continue accepting new animals who need our help.


Our goal for the future is to create an educational facility for both children and adults to provide a better understanding of how we can all protect exotic felines and that they are not to be considered as pets. Additionally, we want to promote the protection of the natural habitats and environments they call home.


Your contribution makes a genuine difference in the lives of these exotic felines. If you have any questions about our services or would like to make a donation, contact us today.

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Thank you for supporting our efforts