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Each year, the Pennsylvania Game Commission, along with other law enforcement agencies, rescues a number of exotic felines from inadequate or abusive homes and businesses. Unfortunately, these agencies are neither willing nor equipped to care for these animals, and it is extremely difficult to find anyone who is.


Zoos often aren't interested in taking in stray lions, as these animals may be unwelcome to an existing pride. Once an exotic feline has been tainted by human contact, an orphanage is usually his or her only hope.


Our orphanage is very different from a zoo. We do not buy, breed, or sell any of our animals. The facility serves as a lifelong home where the animals receive true TLC. We also handle and work with the animals regularly, so they have something to look forward to every single day.


Daily interaction helps ensure the animals are physically and psychologically happy.


All animals are fed high-quality diets which are individually calibrated to their specific needs. Their diets are supplemented to ensure any prior vitamin or mineral deficiencies are accounted for and corrected. This way, they can continue to live a happy, healthy, and enjoyable life.


Our felines receive meals of venison, beef, and chicken along with a vitamin mix each day to provide them with complete nutrition. Canines receive Purina dog food, whereas herbivores receive grain, hay, and feed and also have a pasture for grazing.


Animals are watched daily to ensure he or she is eating properly. They are aware of each animal's favorite foods and sometimes even feed her or him from their hands to create an enriching bonding experience.


Western Pennsylvania National Wild Animal Orphanage is a nonprofit organization that's dedicated to providing these animals with a safe, happy environment to live in. If you have any questions about our services or facilities, contact us.

What we do at Western Pennsylvania National Wild Animal Orphanage

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Professional exotic feline rescue services

Rescuing animals from all over the United States

At Western Pennsylvania National Wild Animal Orphanage, we rescue animals from all over the country. Police agencies, game commissions, and federal wildlife organizations come across illegal or abused animals who need a home, and we're here for them.


We are regulated by the USDA and PA game commission. We are in cooperation with various agencies to ensure we are able to provide proper space and accommodations, including swimming pools, for tigers. Our smallest habitat measures 10,000 square feet.

Our staff

Dr. Sheperd provides quality veterinary care and lots of TLC to all the animals.


Your tax-deductible donation will help us continue to make an incredible difference in the lives of our animals. Visit our donations page for more details.